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Young Living Independent Member Business Building

The global community of Young Living independent members in Maria Low's organization can be found in 36 countries

with a dynamic, prominent presence in Canada and in every state of the USA!



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Business Tools

Items below are centered around the use of therapeutic-grade Young Living Essential Oils and have been produced by Maria as a resource to learn more about using Young Living Essential Oils or to share with anyone interested in the oils.


Kitchen Alchemy

Using Essential Oil Cooking to Enhance Your Food and Revitalize Your Health - 32 page spiral bound book

by Maria Low

Cooking with essential oils adds bright flavors, aromas and vitality to your everyday recipes. Many of the oils are distilled from herbs, fruits, and spices you may already use, such as lemon, oregano or cinnamon. By using a few drops of the essence of these plants, your food will sparkle and your health will be enhanced. Essential oil cooking is a simple and uncomplicated way to add zest and excitement to your meals.

Add essential oils and the love of your heart as you prepare food for friends and family. This can be a key for the transformation of your life and the lives of those around you. Practice the art of alchemy right in your own kitchen!



Cooking with Essential Oils Brochure

Vibrant Food for Healthy Living with Maria Low

This informative, fine quality brochure includes a handy reference of a few popular single oils for cooking and tips for getting started. It is available to distribute at classes or gatherings or to send to people who are interested.




Cooking with Essential Oils DVD

Featuring Maria Low

The foods we eat and their preparation methods directly impact the way we look and feel. Essential oils have been known for centuries for their life-enhancing abilities. By incorporating essential oils into our daily diets, we can experience their profound effects on body, mind and spirit.A path to better health and nutrition can be followed while simultaneously creating new family favorite recipes. Everyday cooking can be turned into aromatherapy cooking, creating dishes filled with soul-satisfying ingredients.This DVD demonstrates the simple art of Aromatherapy Cooking, showing you the step-by-step preparation of a variety of recipes for drinks, appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts.

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