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Add Zest to Your Entrees

Including essential oils in your entrees will add some zest to just about any dish! Try essential oils distilled from lavender, basil, oregano, black pepper, tarragon, ginger, cardamom, dill, fennel and more.


If stored properly (in a cool place out of direct sunlight), essential oils have a virtually unlimited lifespan. On the other hand, fresh and dried herbs have a much more limited lifespan. This makes essential oils a handy and reliable addition to your kitchen and your favorite entrees. 


Using Food-Grade Oils

When cooking with essential oils, make sure to use only food-grade therapeutic oils. Young Living's Vitality oils maintains the highest standards for oils that are beneficial to consume. At the Young Living Farms and partner farms, the soil and plants are carefully nurtured and protected to provide the highest quality harvest possible. See recipes for specific oils utilized.

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