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Cooking with Essential Oils

Add zest, excitement and vibrant healing qualities to your food with the power of essential oils! Cooking with essential oils is easy! Try our RECIPES and send us your own using Young Living’s Vitality™ oils.
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Using Essential Oils in Food
The foods we eat directly impact the way we look and feel. Essential oils are known for their life-enhancing abilities and can dramatically improve the body, mind and spirit. By incorporating essential oils into our daily diet, their profound effects can be easily obtained. Take time to follow the path to better nutrition and health while creating new favorite foods and traditions!


Be sure to choose food grade therapeutic oils for essential oil cooking. At the Young Living Farms, the soil and plants are carefully nurtured and protected to provide the highest-quality harvest possible. Young Living’s Vitality™ Oils are food grade and are safe to use internally. When enjoyed in home-cooked meals, aromatherapy oils provide a taste that delights the senses and satisfies the soul.

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